Terms Services

Physical Delivery – In this option, the client will receive a printed copy of the report via courier to the address within a few days from the date of receipt of payment.

Online Delivery – Guaranteeing swift delivery of order placed by our clients, holds greatest significance for Crystal Market Research. In online delivery method, the client will receive the published report via email within a few hours of receipt of payment.

Customization – Crystal Market Research can customize the reports as per the clients’ demands and needs. For such reports, our expert research analysts will regulated the dedicated time for altering and customizing the reports depending upon the deadlines, specifications and estimated complexities based on the customization level requested.

Cancellation and Refund – Our analysts compile and put together market research reports based on the proprietary techniques and data. Therefore, once the payment is made, we do not accept cancellation of orders. Nevertheless, only in case of multiple payments, we do maintain a refund policy, wherein the refund will be initiated at the soonest. Moreover, if the client has problems pertaining to the report’s overall quality, Crystal Market research will immediately address them.