Global Hydroponics Market - Shares, Trends & Segmentation; Industry Sizing and Forecasting By 2025

Publish Date : 2018-10-25

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This study provides insights about the Hydroponics Market in regards to its uses and benefits. We at Crystal Market Research (CMR) provide updated information that is beneficial in decision making regarding business investments.

Market Overview:

The Report ‘Hydroponics Market by Type (Liquid Hydroponic Systems and Aggregate Hydroponic System), Crop Type (Cucumber, Lettuce & Leafy Vegetables, Pepper, Tomato and Others Crop Type), and Equipment (Control Systems, Irrigation Systems, HVAC, Material Handling, LED Grow Light and Other Equipment) - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast To 2025’ published by Crystal Market Research discusses the increase in the hydroponics market in the recent years and in the coming years during the forecast period till 2025.

The drivers of the Hydroponics market are that it encourages farming without the use of soil, establishes new techniques of farming and also boosts plants growth with minimum efforts of the plants; the plants can get nutrients with the help of the new agricultural techniques without spreading the roots longer. All this encourages faster and healthier agricultural cultivation which increases the market size.

The restraints for this market are that it encourages soilless farming which can be a setback for people who still believe or prefer traditional farming that involves soil. Lack of awareness about the benefits and uses of the hydroponics and there are many other restraints.

Key Players:

The major players of the market are Hydrofarm Inc., Argus Control Systems Ltd., Koninklijke Philips NV, Hydrodynamics International Inc., Village Farms International Inc., Heliospectra AB, General Hydroponics Inc., and Heliospectra AB, Logiqs B.V., Lumigrow Inc. most of these companies are based in the European countries as it the major part of the market.

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Segment Overview:

This market is divided into the segments by type which involves liquid hydroponic systems and aggregate hydroponic systems. Both the types of system have created a wide market all over the globe.

According to the second segment by crop type it can be divided into components like tomato, pepper, cucumber, lettuce and other leafy vegetables and many more crops. All these are crops are considered as a major crop and in Europe the most common crops are also cultivated with the help of hydroponic.

According to the third segment by equipment it can be further divided into irrigation system, LED grow light, control system, material handling, HVAC and other equipment. This equipment’s are necessary for an efficient and healthier growth.

Regional Overview:

Europe is conventionally the main market that is applying advanced hydroponics technology and methods in smart greenhouse agriculture. The developed European market demand mostly arrives from countries like Spain, Netherlands and France. Netherlands is known as the largest producer of crops using this technology and it is predicted that it will maintain its position for next 10 years. All the main crops like vegetable and fruit are developed using the latest hydroponics technologies in the European countries.

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This report focuses on various levels of analysis—industry trends, market ranking of top players, and company profiles, which together form basic views and analyze the competitive landscape, emerging segments of the rapid microbiology testing market, and high-growth regions and their drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities. The report will help both established firms as well as new entrants/smaller firms to gauge the pulse of the market and garner greater market shares.

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