Rising Popularity of Google Glass

Publish Date : 2019-06-03


Google Glass is a voice-operated wearable Android device that looks like a set of eyeglasses and presents data accurately in the vision field of the user.Google Glass provides an experience of augmented reality with the help of visuals, sound and location inputs to give pertinent data.For instance, after entering an airplane terminal, users could easily get the status of their flight. Users could likewise control the device physically through voice directions and a touchpad situated on its casing.The Google Glass working framework depends on a variant of Android, and it can run applications considered Glassware that are improved for the device. The glasses have worked in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network and a camera for taking photos and recordings.


Significance of Google Glass in Business:

For instance, if your clients make use of Google Lens on an iOS or ARCore-good Android phone, they'll have the option to place orders at your café.Or on the other hand your staff can utilize for translating foreign languages in a hurry.Lens will be available in the Google Photos, Google Assistant, and Google search applications just as legitimately in the camera application on Pixel smartphones.For café ordering, users simply point their smartphone at a menu and the Lens application features the most famous dishes or surface nourishment data and photographs from the Google Maps profile of the café. Hypothetically, with the help of Google Glass, users can see feeds on social media, Google Maps, text, just as explore with the help of GPS and capture images. Users will receive the most recent updates while moving about.