Apple Inc. Is Planning To Launch Their Third iPhone Model

Publish Date : 2019-01-11

The Wall Street Journal on Friday published that one of the most popular companies Apple Inc. is planning to launch their third iPhone model in the current year. The mobile will consist of an LCD screen in order to be more attractive and eye-catching then it’s any other previous mobile models, the new iPhone is predicted to succeed them all. The report also mentioned that Apple is also working hard to launch new camera features with their new technology. The company is not open to media about the new launch as they are still working on it and do not want to disclose any new features. A California-based company, The Cupertino has planned to still go along with the LCD display which is liquid-crystal display, in spite of the fact that the slow sales of iPhone XR created a buzz and dug a big hole in the most recent revenue projection for Apple. The report mentioned that Apple issued its first revenue warning a week ago, in almost 12 years, referring to poor Chinese interest which resulted in pushing the company share down by 10 percent, their greatest intra-day fall in the last six years. Apple intends to proceed with LCD display as the gadget has been in the generation pipeline for a considerable length of time, the report said. Be that as it may, for 2020, Apple will totally change to the natural light-emanating diode, or OLED, show for iPhones, along these lines totally dropping the LCD display.