The Dangerous Fire Broke Out In The Employees State Insurance Corporation Hospital Killed Six People

Publish Date : 2018-12-18

Officials from Mumbai stated that at slightest six individuals lost their lives and more than 145 were saved after a fire tore through a public or government hospital in India's budgetary capital Mumbai on Monday, authorities said. The dangerous fire broke out in the Employees State Insurance Corporation Hospital on its fourth floor; it was situated in the suburb of Marol, the fire filled the five-story structure with smoke. A police official also confirmed that there have been six deaths. He also stated that all the patients have been protected. Activities were carried on for a long time and the fire unit checked multiple times whether anybody was caught inside the fire. Mumbai Mayor, Vishwanath Mahadeshwar told household news office ANI that the reason for the fire was not quickly known and would be explored. One fire fighter was harmed amid tasks and patients were being moved to an adjacent doctor's facility, the police official included.