Apple Inc. Has Promised United States Government To Provide 6000 Job Opportunities

Publish Date : 2018-12-13

Apple Inc. expressed to the media on Thursday that they are planning to invest one billion dollars in order to construct a new campus in the North region of the Austin, Texas. They will also need to invest 10 billion dollars over the duration of next five years to establish new data centers leading to employment of over 20,000 people from United States. The recent announce ended with Apple promising United States that they will invest an amount of 30 billion dollars to encourage establishment of new companies that require funding or political support. Donald Trump, President of United States has stated that there will be tariffs put on the Apple products and majorly iPhones that are imported from the Asian region of China as America is a vast market for the company. The new campus by Apple in Austin is the second largest home providing construction of the organization which spreads around 133 acre on the outskirts of Cupertino, at the distance of half a mile from the first largest campus of the Organization. The second campus can fit in 5000 new employees and eventually can fit in 15,000 employees. Apple also expressed that they will be launching sites in the regions of San Diego, Seattle, Culver City, New York, Colorado, Pittsburgh and Boulder in the duration of next three years. The organization has conveyed to US government that it will be generating over 6000 job opportunities and will hire 1000 people in cities San Diego, Culver City and Seattle each. The new campus was built with the motive of carrying out research and development, finance and sales and engineering functions efficiently.