Google Believes That Launching Search Engines Could Create Problems For The Company

Publish Date : 2018-12-12

Chief Executive of Google, Sundar Pichai conveyed that Google has no plans to launch the search engine in the region of China the organization is still processing the final decision. The plans are pended because the Google and the workers of the organization are worried that the company eventually will need to comply with the surveillance and censorship issues of China if the search engine is launched in the Asian region again. China is known to be the country with the largest number of people to use smartphones thus is a great market for Google but the main search platform of the company has been banned in the country since the year 2010, while the unit known as Alphabet Inc. has tried its best to enter China in the recent years. Sundar Pichai exclaimed that at some point of time we had almost 100 workers that were working towards the plan of launching the search engine in China, they even developed and analyzed on how the engine should look when used.  Although there are no more discussions going on the topic as they need to think through it very carefully and promised the media that will be totally transparent about whatever decision they take. The search engine will be of great help to China and provide them a wide range of benefits.  An official from the Chinese government also made a statement that it also tough for Google to be granted with permission in order to launch the engine. David Cicilline, Democratic Representative also advised Sundar Pichai that it will be very difficult for Google to work in the China reason as the rules and limitations of the frame work established by the Chinese government are very strict and complicated. While Google is taking its time to make the best decision for the company.