Almost 2100 Doses Of RVSV-ZEBOV Prepared For The Execution Of The Vaccination Plan In South Sudan On 19th December

Publish Date : 2018-12-11

The World Health Organization announced on Monday that over 2,000 frontline and healthcare employees in the South Sudan area will be offered vaccines that prevent Ebola in order to attempt restriction of any importation of the contagious or viral infections from an outbreak in Congo. The region is chosen the WHO because it belongs to the list of the three countries that have the highest risk of Ebola being imported due to the outbreak in the eastern region of Congo. WHO and Congo health officials stated that the Outbreak that occurred in the region of  Ituri and North Kivu provinces, is currently the second greatest in the history and has so far contaminated no less than 450 individuals and killed no less than 270 of them. The WHO announced that In South Sudan, groups of vaccinators have been prepared by worldwide health organizations and are presently prepared to execute the plan of Ebola vaccination, it is planned to begin in the capital of Juba on the 19th of Dec. Ebola spreads through contact with body fluids among individuals. It results in hemorrhagic fever with extreme vomiting, loose bowels and dying, as well as in outbreaks, the greater part of cases are lethal. The WHO predicted South Sudan was on "high caution" for the occurrence of the disease, yet there are no affirmed cases detected up till. RVSV-ZEBOV is an experimental vaccine produced by Merck in order to target the strain of the virus known as Zaire, which is behind the major outbreak in the Congo region. The experimental vaccine is designed in a way that it can be used in the strategy known as ring vaccination which involves figuring out the potential patients or cases of Ebola an vaccinating them to avoid any further spread of the disease.  There are almost 2100 doses of RVSV-ZEBOV prepared for the execution of the vaccination plan in South Sudan and the results of vaccination will be monitored for the next 21 days.