‘EAGLE’ And Did Not Depict Any Positive Effects For Survival Of The Cancer Patients

Publish Date : 2018-12-10

AstraZeneca Plc.’s a famous drug maker company from London did not reach their targeted aims in the recent held by them, the study involved a drug named Imfinzi that was manufactured with hopes of facilitating immunotherapy treatment that is conducted for advanced neck and head cancer. The study was named as ‘EAGLE’ and did not depict any positive effects for survival of the patients after using the drug along with the regular chemotherapy. The study to examine the result of the latest drug was held across 24 countries including Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, U.S, South America, Korea, and Israel. The company AstraZeneca was informed that the drug did not meet any hopes and aims of the company when tested on the patients suffering from the advanced stage of the lung cancer, the information had a major impact on the shares of the company. AstraZeneca is already a very well establishment pharmaceuticals company as it had always provided the market sector with the most useful and most effective medicines to increase the life span of the cancer patients while Imfinzi was supposed to be the next big step in their achievements it proved to be worthless even though it aimed towards treating any early inoperable among the patients of the stage III lung cancer. Chief Medical Officer of AstraZeneca, Sean Bohen stated that even though the latest drug did not prove itself they will keep working hard and will stay commitment to examine the positive potential uses of the Imfinzi drug for the patients of neck and hard cancer.