Diabetes Patients Are Not Being Able To Take Insulin As They Cannot Afford It

Publish Date : 2018-12-06

A small scale survey recently held mentioned that cost is the major reason behind diabetes patients not being able take insulin.  The survey was held at Yale Diabetes Center situated in New Haven, Connecticut some of patients were consuming less insulin as prescribed by the doctor and when asked they said that they could not afford insulin as they are expensive which increased a lot of health threat for them. The research result submitted to the JAMA Internal Medicine proved that in the time span of this six months there are 199 diabetes patients who have been prescribed insulin but almost 26 percent of the patients in exact numbers 51 patients take less, skip doses or have even stopped taking insulin as they cannot afford it. One of the doctors Dr. Kasia Lipska senior author at the Yale School of medicine explained that skimping insulin is dangerously very common. The doctors conducted a study on both the types of diabetes and type 2 that is caused due to obesity and old age and type 2 that develops in the early years of life and realized in both the type of diabetes intake of insulin is very important.  When a person suffering from type 1 diabetes skips on insulin he or she can have fatal results real quick, similarly when type 2 patients skips insulin he or she can develop chronic problems like kidney failures, amputations, blindness and nerve problems. The patients who did not consume insulin due to cost issues were almost three times suffering from poor blood sugar levels. There are researches being conducted all over the globe in order to decide how much cost effective can insulin be and how much cost can be cut down so that it becomes affordable, and for that it will require doctors to be frank and communicate with the patients regarding any cost issued faced by them. Dr. Lipska suggested that until the patients find insulin affordable they can talk to their doctors and figure out the best insulin for them in their affordable rates.