Swiss Pharmaceutical Companies And Their Drug Xolair And Ligelizumab Will Have A Face To Face Battle.

Publish Date : 2018-12-04

The famous pharmaceuticals company Novartis announced globally that they will continue the research that has been going on their new experimental drug known as ligelizumab. The drug will now study the impacts it is capable of in the late stages. The reason behind Novartis continuing the research is that the dug has proved itself and has performed better than the Xolair drug during the II phase clinical trial for fighting against Urticaria that is also known has hives and tends to cause rashes and irritation in reaction to medicine and food items. Xolair is a drug manufactured by the Roche Holding AG pharmaceuticals company. The III Phase research will be carried out on two thousand patients who have been experiencing urticaria in a chronic manner. The research will be held twice to obtain the exact results as Novartis seems very confident about the positive results, although it can create a buzz in the market. The drug market all over the world predicts that this can be a head to head battle between the two biggest Swiss pharmaceutical companies and their drug Xolair and ligelizumab. The last year recorded almost 1.74 billion revenue earned by alone the sale of Xolair for Roche. But it can be clearly seen that now there will be tough competition among the market.