Frequent Changing Of Spectacles And Itchy Eyes Can Be The Symptoms Of Koratoconus

Publish Date : 2018-11-27

Some cases of itchy eyes have been reported in Pune that may hint towards some bigger eye problem. The doctors have realized that people who are advised to change their spectacles a lot and experience itchiness in their eyes may have serious eye injection. Sudhir was one of the patients who experienced itchy eyes since he was 14 years old and kept rubbing them often until he turned 23 and decided to visit a doctor. Sudhir was suggested to approach an optometrist for further advice; he kept changing spectacles for five years as advised by various optometrists but still kept suffering from eye itchiness. When he decided to visit an eye surgeon the doctor diagnosed him with keratoconus. Koratoconus is a common disorder among youngster which causes corneal thinning and may lose the ability to see eventually.  The surgeon who was approached by Sudhir from the Asian Eye Hospital, Vardhaman Kankriya stated that when Sudhir came to them he had a complained that he is facing trouble in the eyesight regarding the right eye while he had already loss the ability to see from the left eye vey mildly. After various tests and scanning Dr. Vardhaman understood that the right eye corner of Sudhir’s eye was finding it very difficult to maintain its shape as it has become very thin. Sudhir had to undergo corneal transplant on an advanced level in the right eye but the left eye was just treated by a lazer treatment as it was diagnosed on the accurate time did not damage much.  The doctor also explained that it is difficult to diagnose keratoconus in the initial stages as change in the corneal shape and corneal thinning cannot be noticed during a routine eye examination. The disease is very common and there are almost 10 such cases reported every year, especially people who experience itchy eyes, while the disease is increasing because the youngsters visit any optical shop to purchase any spectacle and avoid proper medical eye checkups that leads the increase in the damage. People with eye allergies and genetic issues of eye problems have higher chances of developing keratoconus. Dr. Kankariya along with his mentor George kymionis from Greece conducted a study and invented two new laser treatment protocols that are known as Athens protocol and Cretan protocol; these new laser treatments have already improved visual conditions of many people all over the world.