Patients Suffering From Paralysis Will Now Have A Way To Text Friends And Browse Through Internet

Publish Date : 2018-11-26

Researchers in California have invented a revolutionary technique to help people who are paralyzed below the neck. The doctors have come across software that will make it possible for the paralyzed patient to communicate through unmodified computer tablets that runs on the new electrode array system that is known as BrainGate2. Patients with neurologic injury or disease will now have a way to communicate as a tiny collection of micro-electrodes will be planted into the brain, the electrodes will be responsible for decoding the signals sent by the neurons regarding any movement that the patient’s wishes. The unmodified tablets have till now helped three patient to browse through the internet, chat with friends and also play music, the system that runs the tablet decodes the intention of the person to use a digital mouse and works accordingly. The system was present earlier but the researcher decided to bring in some changes and special features that will make it totally compatible with paralyzed people.