Lip Balms May Provide Temporary Relief But In The Long Run Can Make Your Lips More Dry And Chapped

Publish Date : 2018-11-23

Chapped lips are not only itchy and look bad they also pain and may cause embarrassment. But frequently applying lip care products like lip balms may provide temporary relief but in the long run can make your lips more dry and chapped. An assistant professor of dermatology at Tulane university, Dr. Leah Jacob explained when the creamy or gel that coats the lips with moisture evaporates it also takes away the natural moisture from the lips leaving them more dry and painful. Doctors from Johns Hopkins University suggested people should take care of their body and lips especially in the winter season as every part that is left uncovered becomes dry and may cause itchiness, explaining further that people mostly wear sweaters to cover themselves but the hand are mostly left uncovered and thus become extremely dry.  The lips tend to look different from the rest of the skin but is similar and thus have the same effects as rest of the body when comes in contact with cold air. The lips are formed with layers of three different cells, the outer layer is known as Stratum Corneum which consists of dead cells and then comes epidermis and dermis below it, all the three layers are very thin and are more prone to damage. The lips tend to become drier than any other part of the body is because they do not have oil glands or hair follicles to provide them moisture while they obtain some moisture from the oil glands that surround our lips. The dryness sometimes makes us greedy to lick our lips and apply lip balms but that is worse thing you can do to your lips. The doctors also explained people that some lip balms contain harmful ingredients that can be allergic for many people like menthol, cinnamic aldehyde, peppermint and salicylic acid. The lips get more damaged when covered with something shiny as they become more sunlight victim.  The doctors finally gave some useful tips like drinking water to stay hydrated all the time and applying a thick lip balm that will not evaporate which also contains SPF.