National Centre For Cell Services In Pune Has Planned To Commence Human Microbiome Initiatives

Publish Date : 2018-11-22

The National Centre for Microbial Resources – National Centre for Cell services in Pune has planned to commence Human Microbiome Initiatives that will be first ever projecting of its type that id related to Microbiome. The planned study will help doctors and people to understand the reasons behind why people react in different ways to the same medication. The research was developed when scientist noticed that many Indians cannot tolerate lactose due to the genetic factors but still the chemical trait phenotype help them digest the medicine. The microbiologist and the head of the project Yogesh Shouche stated that the study will involve researching about numerous microbiomes that are inherited in the human body, the scientist plan to study almost 90 endogenous groups and 13 traditional tribes. The doctors are planning to study skin, gut and oral microbiome that will be taken from the people along with six blood parameters. The study will require researching over data from twenty thousand people, while the doctors believe that this can be the biggest study ever held in India. The research is looking forward to an Ayurvedic explanation and have hired an Ayurvedic expert or physician.  Yogesh Shouche stated that they are seeking government approval as the study will cost about 150 crore while they  can also witness interest of the private companies as the results will also help them in medicine personalization in the future. The results will take almost five years to reach and the many research institutes from all over the country will take part in the study.