The New Feature Will Help Facebook to Gain Bigger Profits

Publish Date : 2018-11-19

Facebook is working hard towards a feature that will allow the members of a group to watch videos over different devices at the same time. The feature is called ‘Watch Videos Together’. A representative from Facebook stated that the tests are still in process and referred to the tests as ‘Internal Test’. The feature will add two more options to the messenger application like ‘tap to watch together’ and ‘chat about the same video at the same time’ , whenever a member of the group will choose the option other members of the group will receive a notification while everyone will have total control over the devices and the videos they are watching. The feature was first discovered by the founder of the deadline management app known as Timebound, Ananay Arora and by an engineer Jane Manchun Wong after searching through Messenger’s code-base.  The idea of the feature not only advances the messenger app but will also help the company in increasing the revenue and gain profit. As the space for advertisement and promotions over the internet has decreased the companies are majorly turning towards the social media applications like Facebook and Instagram for advertisements and gaining the attention of the consumers towards their company and products.