Simple Form Of Ovarian Cysts Are Very Common And Can Be Safely Ignored

Publish Date : 2018-11-14

The researchers in New York have found that simple form of ovarian cysts to be very common in females and exclaimed that they are nothing to be worried about and can be ignored and there is no need to go through ultrasound or any test. These cysts are no danger in causing ovarian cancer as published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal. The results of the research stated that unless the cysts start showing some kind of threat or symptoms can be ignored. On the other hand complex cysts or the solid form of these cysts are rare and mainly causes high risk for malignant cancer. These cysts need immediate medical attention and should be removed as soon as possible. Rebecca Smith- Bindman, Professor at the University of California situated in San Francisco also stated that the simple cysts can be found in women of any age and they are no harm and women should not pass through any big medical tasks and tests. The research included testing over 72,093 women most of them below the age of 50; these women went through pelvic ultrasound between the time span of January 1997 and December 2008. The total ultrasounds carried out were 118,778 and the doctors came across that almost 24 percent of women carried a simple form of cysts without any medical danger of cancer. This research came out be a great eye opener for many doctors and patients as well as.