Oligodendrocytes Cells Can Be One Of The Major Cause Of The Multiple Sclerosis Disease

Publish Date : 2018-11-13

A research held in Sweden and the results published in Nature Medicine Journal stated that there are a family of cell present in the central nervous system known as Oligodendrocytes depicted an important role to play in  causing the Multiple Sclerosis disease. The tests were conducted on a mouse which was suffering from the same disease in the Karolinska Institute situated at Sweden. Almost 2.5 million people across the globe suffer from Multiple Sclerosis diseases, out of them almost 18 thousand people are from Sweden itself. The doctors have also stated that there are above thousand new cases reported annually. The disease is occurred when the white blood cells in the immune system starts attacking the protecting fatty substances that are known as myelin that are responsible for coating the nerve fibers present in the central nervous system, all this results in improper functioning of the immune system which causes the disease. The doctors also say that if the disease is not treated on time it can even harm the spinal cord or the brain. Associate professor at the department of Medical Biophysics and Biochemistry at the Sweden, Karolinska Institute Goncalo Castelo Branco states that the research provides information on the occurrence and the treatment of the MS disease. The treatment options available now only talk about treating the immune system while the new search almost pays attention to the threat that may harm the brain or the spinal cords and provides information on ways to prevent or cure it. The researchers are working very hard to find ways that may be useful in preventing the harm to myelin. While the researchers across the globe has agreed that Oligodendrocytes cells can be one of the major cause and will continue into looking on how these cells are involved in the occurrence of the disease.