Proton Therapy Centre Established In India At Apollo Proton Centre Situated In Chennai

Publish Date : 2018-11-12

Editor of ETHealthworld, Shahid Akhter had a word with the Chairman of Centre for Proton therapy that is held in Paul Scherrer Institute situated in Switzerland, Dr. Damien Charles Weber. The talk was majorly concerned to find out about the international trends in the field of proton therapy and its establishment in India at Apollo Proton Centre situated in Chennai.

The latest trends in the Proton Beam Therapy are- there have been large number of centers establishment since 2000 in the region of United States. There have also been a rise in the use of proton facilities in the European countries and it is also predicted that these facilities will also rise more eventually. There is also a new Proton Centre established in Chennai one if the developed cities in India. There also future plans in order to make the proton facilities available throughout the globe. Two centres will be established in the UK region and three to four centres will be launched in the Netherland region while some facilities will soon be provided through online applications. 

Proton therapy were been used indirectly to treat cancer in the region of India, but the new Centre will make it much more effective as the proton benefits will be used directly on to the patients. This therapy will decrease the trauma or side effects of the radiation or chemotherapy that are a part of the cancer treatment, which can be a great relief for the children undergone the treatment. The doctors are trying their best patients to encourage the patients to visit these centres but as they are very few of them situated only in the developed countries which makes it hard task. But the online services that will be launched in the future will be a huge help especially for the patients who require immediate attention due to the high rate of the tumor great. Different institutions and hospitals across the globe are working so that theses proton facilities can be more available and affordable for people.