‘Gait Recognition’ Recognize People With The Help Of Shape Of Their Body And Also The Way They Walk

Publish Date : 2018-11-09

A Startup company which deals with Chinese technology has launched a device in the market that can recognize people with the help of shape of their body and also the way they walk, that is a major revolution as it will help to recognize people without looking out for their faces. The technology is already being used on the Shanghai and Beijing streets. Chinese refers to this technology as ‘Gait recognition’ and is a part of the developing artificial- intelligence across China. The CEO of Watrix, Huang Yongzhen stated that the new technology can recognize humans from the distance of 165 feet without even looking at their faces. This leaves back the facial recognition technology while the Chinese police make use of the facial identifying technology on the streets as well as public places to catch or keep track of the criminals but this turns out to be unfair or inconvenient to many people and thus this new technology can be a change and a relief.