Dr Marie-Paule Kieny Said That They Cannot Rely On The Market Forces As They Are Delaying The New Drug Development And The Risk Of Antibiotics Resistance Is Growing

Publish Date : 2018-11-05

The medicines that are used against antibiotic resistance have been resulting in making the treatment of the infections more difficult and therefore, Shionogi a Japanese pharma company has taken the world by storm and is spreading information. Shionogi has recently launched a new drug and has also shared the results it depicted in people on 448 patients from 67 hospitals from 15 different companies at the II phase trial of the Lancet infection; the results were shared through the international medical journal. The drug Cefiderocol works in a totally opposite way from a human immune system and provides the antibiotic iron to survive and then reach to the bacteria and then destroy it. The drug is still being used on the trial basis on some selected patients so that it can seek approval before it is available in the market. Chairperson of critical care at Artemis hospital situated in Delhi states that the medicine uses a similar concept to the Trojan War and kills the bacteria in disguise, while this technique was tried previously it was not successful. He is worried as the medicines available in India tend to block the effect of the antibiotic medicine. World Health Organization last year shared a list of 12 most dangerous types of bacteria and also promoted research and study that would help in avoiding these infections and bacteria. India is majorly believed to be under the threat of these bacteria as some incidence that have taken place previously like in February 2011 to July 2015 almost two out of three newborn died due to the drug- resistant bacteria.  India is ranked first when it comes to bacterial diseases as almost 40 percent of the children are malnourished and also a large part of the population is at a higher risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. World Health Organization’s assistant director General Dr Marie-Paule Kieny said that they cannot rely on the market forces as they are delaying the new drug development and the risk of antibiotics resistance is growing and the researchers and doctors are falling out of treatment options.