Seventy Percent More Men Develop Brain Cancers As Compared To The Opposite Gender

Publish Date : 2018-10-31

A recent study held in Washington D.C of USA states that bigger brains can lead to cancer. The study was issued in the Neuro-Oncology published by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Bigger brains can trigger a rare type of cancer known as Aggressive brain cancer and once it occurs there are very low chances of survival. Even Hovig Fyllingen stated that for some specific cancers lifestyle can make major changes, like a smoker has relatively high chances of developing lung cancer than the one who does not smoke but as doctors have stated that lifestyle does not have any impact on the brain tumors and cancers. The doctors explain the study as larger brain have larger number of brain cell that implies that there are more chances of cell division going wrong and form brain tumors. The study is also backed up by the previous studies which proved that the size of the organ has a significant part to play in cancer occurrence. The researchers also came across the fact that men have larger chance of developing brain tumors then women because men have a larger brain than women due to their body size but if a woman is born with a bigger brain have larger chances of developing cancer than males. 70 percent more men develop brain cancers as compared to the opposite gender. The situation is the same with the animals as some animals are bigger than the others.