Previous Scenarios Depict That The Healthcare Sector In India Had Been Working Without Any Set Rules Necessary For The Human Welfare

Publish Date : 2018-10-30

Dr. Ronald DePinho has resigned his post in March 2017 as CEO of MD Anderson Cancer Center situated in Houston. The resignation letter he wrote said that the center required a new president who can and will encourage team building and improve concentration to search for tectonic changes and advancement in healthcare economics and delivery. There was also an article published with the title ‘most doctors have little or No Management Training and That’s a problem’ that was published in December last year. The Harvard Business edition included a review about Dr. Ronald DePinho’s resign that they believed he was unable to manage the financial, clinical demands of the institution and thus was not fit for his role. The article also exclaimed that many physicians who promise to lead an institution lack management skills. Healthcare sector continuously face the problem of leadership and management as even though the doctors are the best option for leading any medical institution they lack management and find it difficult to establish a position of a leader. Therefore it can be said that with providing human resource training doctors should also be given leadership training so that they inculcate the quality of building and managing a team.

Some of the traditional situations depicted that the healthcare sector in India had been working without any set rules for the human resource welfare which slowly made the medical services expensive, with low work morals and quality. Thus it made it necessary for HR in medical sector to impose some rules and policies and take control of the staff. In the recent years protocols were launched that ensured patient satisfaction and made sure that the doctors provide quality service. The doctors were involved while the protocols were being framed and getting launched. It was also necessary to set a guiding path for the doctors regarding their career once they start working. The HR also makes sure that she notices the work effort of an individual from the workforce and that individual grow with promotions or career guidance. There were also standards set for ensuring medical quality for different branches like the dental care section pays special attention to sterilization, hygienic quality and patient handling. Each branch has a team of senior specialist that makes sure of that the standards are being followed and go through necessary upgrading.