Higher Blood Pressure Can Lead You to Life Threatening Disorders

Publish Date : 2018-10-25

According to a study held in New York it proved that patients that are diagnosed with diabetes and suffer from high blood pressure have higher risk of damaging organs because of the hypertensive emergencies like chest pain, strokes and even heart failures.  The studies depicted that heart failure is the most common threat to these patients the number can be till 49.6 percent while 41.7 percent of the patients are effected by a type of heart attack known as non-ST elevation myocardial infarction.  Assistant Professor at the Rutgers University situated in the United States, Irina Benenson said that their study proved that diabetic and non-diabetics both that face hypertensive emergencies had higher rates of injury and organ damage. And when the researchers analyzed the results realized that the damage caused by these emergencies were common to diabetic and non- diabetic patients and thus they believe that the risk and damage are a result of high blood pressure. The study was conducted on 783 people who suffered from diabetes and 1,001 people who were non-diabetic; these people belonged to the African-American communities.  The researchers still stated that higher blood pressure was still a common factor for diabetics’ patient in comparison to the patient who suffers from kidney disease, cardiovascular disorders and anemia.  High blood pressure can cause severe and life-threatening attacks or disorders especially to the kidneys and the brain. Diabetic patients up to 57 percent can also develop cardiovascular diseases with time. Controlling the blood pressures is the only solution for people if want to stay away from life threatening disorders.