US Based Drug Maker Hoping to Earn the Revenue Lost With the Help of Upadacitinib Drug

Publish Date : 2018-10-24

AbbVie Inc. conducted an experiment regarding the rheumatoid arthritis treatment and shared their results on Tuesday stated that their experimental research depicted better pain reliever, body function and also better quality of life as compared to the treatment done with the most prescribed drug during the later clinical trials called methotrexate. The US based drug maker company is looking forward to earn the lost revenue with the help of upadacitinib drug, as the company will face tough competition when they launched their drug even in the future till 2023. The company is also seeking to receive an approval as it also depicted top line results during the third phase of its study in June. Upadacitinib helps in preventing inflammation enzymes known as Janus kinases and belongs to the class of JAK inhibitors drugs.

The company exclaimed that during their 14 weeks of trial almost 69 percent of the participants who received 30 milligram of upadacitinib drug and 65 percent of the participants who consumed 15 milligram of the drug depicted betterment in the physical functions as compared to the 45 percent who consumed the most commonly prescribed drug called methotrexate. The drug also reduced pain of the patients who consumed 30 milligram of dosage as compared to the 46 percent that still consumed methotrexate.

The research finally proved that 73 percent who consumed a higher amount of the drug depicted a better quality that the ones who consumed a lower amount and the participants who still continued their treatment with the methotrexate drug. While the world’s leading drug Humira which earned about 20 billion dollars in this year had started facing competition after the European version of bio similar has been launched.