Drug Named Lynparza By AstraZeneca Can Help In Decreasing The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer

Publish Date : 2018-10-22

A drug named Lynparza by the drug company AstraZeneca can help in decreasing the risk of ovarian cancer getting worse in the third phase trial. Lynparza is provided to the patients as a maintenance therapy to support the initial stages of chemotherapy; Lynparza froze or overturned growth of the tumor in almost 60 percent of the patients after the trial of three years. Lone 28 percent of the patients under the chemotherapy were able to get rid of the tumor growth at the initial stage. After the four years of trials 50 percent of the patients who consumed Lynparza were able to lead a tumor growth free life in comparison with the patients who only preferred chemotherapy and did not take Lynparza. Associate professor of the University of Oklahoma's Stephenson Cancer Center, Kathleen Moore said that the results of Lynparza proclaimed a new treatment technique for the women suffering from ovarian cancer at the advanced stage as she presented the results on Sunday in Munich at the European Society for Medical Oncology.

Lynparza and other drugs from the PARP inhibitors class were intended to stop the mechanism that repairs the DNA so that the cancer causing cells do not replicate and the cancer tumor stops growing. The drug is also approved to be used for the patients suffering from breast cancer in their later treatments. Lynparza was the first drug verified by the US at the end of 2014, but as time passed there are many competitors like Clovis Oncology and Tesaro made drugs. A British drug company AstraZeneca released some information about the chemotherapy trials in June and earned about 297 million dollars last year and the analysts also predict that the company will earn almost 2 billion dollars in the year 2023. AstraZeneca is looking forward to an approval and has been marketing its drug with the help of Merck and Co as they expect that the results will encourage people to use this drug more. They intend to make the patients use Lynparza at the initial stage of the cancer as this will ensure a longer prescription of the medicine and larger sales while the competitive companies already have approved medicine for the initial treatments of the ovarian cancer.