Drug used to prevent HIV can help avoid numerous new types of infections among a huge number of gay males

Publish Date : 2018-10-18

According to reports, researchers from Australia published a report stating that a drug that is used to prevent HIV can help avoid numerous new types of infections among a huge number of Homosexuals. Pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis have always been effective and have depicted major results in the previous medical trials, the researchers from Australia have mentioned in The Lancet HIV the study in the recent times examines the effects of the medicine in a more realistic way. The drug resulted in decreasing nearly a one third ratio from 295 reported cases to 221 cases before the study began.  Andrew Grulich, the lead author of the report and also the head of the HIV Epidemiology and prevention Program at the Kirby Institute at the University situated at New South Wales stated that their clinical trial analyzed whether distributing Pre- exposure HIV prophylaxis can help in decreasing the occurrence of HIV globally. After the trials they came across a finding that proved that the medicine helped in declining over 32 percent of the new infection cases in the region of New South Wales consisting of seven billion and more population.  Within a year the researchers achieved their first target of recruiting 3700 bisexual and gay men. An email sent by Andrew Grulich exclaimed that the distribution of PrEP should be increased due to the increasing number of HIV cases amongst bisexual men. 

The men that participated in the research process were from the age group of 18 and older and experienced sex with higher risk rate in the past. Total 3645 of these men were given PrEP medicine and were tested every month and later after every three months during their medication period. They were also tested which verified the doctors about their sexual health. After a year of study there were only 2 men who were diagnosed HIV positive as they did not follow the medication instructions properly. Dr. Jeffrey D. Klaussner from the university of California situated in Los Angeles who was not a part of the research stated that such researches are very important as they really make people aware about medicines that can help prevent HIV. He also made a point by saying this medicine have proved to be effective individually and should be provided to a larger population in order to have a healthy population. This should be a major step by the governments of various countries. He said that the medicine is expensive in the United States and that is a major issue for people the insurance covers the medicine but then it should be cheaper as while the patient consumes PrEP he has to undergo various tests every three months to check the occurrence of any other sexual diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis which increases the medical costs to a large extent. Dr. Ken Ho from the University of Pittsburgh believes that there can be more barriers for people who want to be treated and achieve benefits from PrEP like many people can be at risk just because they do not prefer taking precaution while sex. He says that the medicine cannot eliminate HIV all alone there has to be proper precautions and instructions followed by the person under medication.