The Patients Who Suffered From Defective Hip Implant Surgeries Have Decided Not To Participate In The Compensation Until Their Problems Are Solved

Publish Date : 2018-10-17

Recently in New Delhi, patients who suffered from defective hip implant surgeries have been approaching the Health Minister for gaining more information about the compensation they should be receiving but somehow have been manipulated by the appointed government committee. The defective surgeries were carried out by Johnson and Johnson and the patients believe that the government has been consulting the J & J Company on the regular basis without providing them with any information. The patients have decided to step back from participating in any compensation process until their issues are solved. JP Nadda, Health Minister received letter from thirty patients that consisted of several doubts regarding the process the government has been following to compensate the money.

These surgeries were carried out in India in the year 2010, a British study proved that the surgeries were a failure and a large number of patients have to undergo a replacement surgery again. In the year 2017 a government committee set up on the orders of the Indian health Ministry decided to compensate the money of the suffering Indian patients. One of the letters said that the patients are very unhappy and disturbed that the government chose to consult with the responsible company J&J rather than discussing it with the affected patients for even once. The other reason that causes distress to the affected patients is the lack of information and transparency of the compensation process.

The letter also stated that the suffering population has doubts about the committee that whether the committee is fair and will work on the moral of equality or not as the surgery has caused metal as well as physical pain to the patients. The patients have decided not to participate in the compensation until their problems like lack of transparency and communication are solved. They even look forward to the government to solve these problems soon.