Some animals in Tianjin have been diagnosed with African swine fever

Publish Date : 2018-10-15

According to Reuters, Agricultural Ministry of China has confirmed the news on Friday stating that some animals in Tianjin have been diagnosed with African swine fever. The first animal to be diagnosed belongs to the southeastern municipality area of Beijing.  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of china believes that this fever was initiated at the farm that had a total population of 639 pigs out which 292 were affected by the fever and 189 died because of it. And the organization also reported the fourth case of the African fever occurrence in the northeastern province of China’s Liaoning.

The Tianjin outbreak depicted the contagious African swine fever and around 30 of such occurrence had been reported all over China since 3rd August. This disease does not affect humans. A vast number of hogs nearly thousands have been rejected in order to avoid spreading of the harmful African swine fever. There are no medication and vaccines available to cure this disease throughout the world. There are farms that are very close to Beijing even though the province of Hebei that surrounds the region of Tianjin and Beijing is known for large scale pig farming there is no occurrence of this fever reported.