Break-out of diseases similar to polio noticed around the US

Publish Date : 2018-10-12

Recent news report stated that six children in Minnesota situated in US are diagnosed with a very rare disease that is similar to polio. The disease is known as acute flaccid myelitis in short AFM; the illness affects majorly the nervous system and results in weakening  the muscles, Minnesota department of health at present is looking into the disease that has effected six children from the mid of September. The symptoms of the disease are muscles weakening in leg and arms, neck stiffness, facial droop or eyelids drooping and throat pain while swallowing. This disease mostly tends to occur in children. Centers for diseases control and prevention have stated that the reasons behind the occurrence of acute flaccid myelitis are still not been found but some of the causes can be viruses like West Nile Virus, poliovirus and adenoviruses. Some environmental toxins are also included in the cause list. Minnesota department of health also noticed that there were only three incidence of this disease I the year 2014, and since then there are less than one case annually. The illness is very rare and only occurs in less than one in a million people in US annually.