Drinking More Water Averts UTIs

Publish Date : 2018-10-03

As indicated by a recent research, consuming an additional six glasses of water on a daily basis may decrease the risk of some women urinary tract infections (UTIs). The research discovered that women who contract UTIs often could reduce their risk of these contaminations by 50% if they consumed six extra 8-ounces that add up 1.5 liters glasses of water on a daily basis, in comparison to women who consume less water. The investigation was distributed today (Oct. 1) in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal. It was beforehand introduced in October 2017 in San Diego at IDWeek, a gathering of a few associations concentrated on chronic diseases. Experts have always anticipated that expanding the consumption of water could cut down the danger of UTIs, and they regularly prescribe that women who have the risk of these diseases drink more water. Nonetheless, the suggestion had not been thoroughly contemplated until recently.

Lead author of the study and clinical director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, Dr. Thomas Hooton expressed during a news conference in 2017 in San Diego that there are a lot of things they prescribe to women to decrease the danger of UTIs, however none have truly been considered. It's pleasing to know the suggestion is substantial, and that consuming more water is a simple and safe approach to avert an uncomfortable and irritating infection. Around 60% of women will experience an UTI in their lifetimes, and around 25% will experience UTI more than once, the scientists confirmed. Women are commonly more inclined than men to UTIs in light of the fact that, in women, the urethra is shorter compared to men, so it is convenient for microscopic organisms to movement from the vagina and rectum to the bladder, the scientists explained. The recent research included 140 women who are healthy under the age of 45 who had encountered more than three UTIs in the previous year and who normally consumed less than six 8-ounce glasses of water or more every day. Around 50% of women were advised to consume an additional six 8 ounces glasses of fluids every day, while the other 50% didn't roll out any improvements in their consumption of water.