GSK and Piramal Breathe a Relief – Supreme Court Permits Saridon, Dart & Piriton Expectorant

Publish Date : 2018-09-17

GlaxoSmithKline has made a confirmation that they will be working on their medicines to make it better and safer.

The Supreme Court in New Delhi has permitted the sale of medicines that were prohibited by the ministry of health as they were regarded as unsafe and unscientific for patients and were a part of the list of the combination medicines. The three brands that are allowed by the government are the popular medicines like Piriton Expectorant, Saridon, and Dart. This is a big relief to drug makers like GlaxoSmithKline and Piramal companies.

Recently 328 combination medicines were banned as they were regarded unsafe but companies like Piramal and GlaxoSmithKline approached the court and their lawyers requested to exclude their brands from the list of medicines that were prohibited. The companies made a statement that these medicines have been circulating in the market since 1988 and were left out of the list during similar situations in the past when 15 of such combination medicines were banned.