Research: Healing Wounds Possible By Tissue Cells Grown Skin

Publish Date : 2018-09-11

First ever research in world, tissue cells changed into skin cells by researchers in Tokyo, in a step towards healing wounds, the developed technique has the power to transform patient care those suffering from different wounds & burns.

The research was published in 'Nature' on Thursday, the research includes an innovation called "cell reprogramming", in the innovation genes are embedded into tissue cells to transform them into skin cells.

Masakazu Kurita the lead author said, "This is the primary depiction of reconstructing of tissue cells to skin cells,"

Masakazu Kurita is a professor at University of Tokyo and also a plastic surgeon; he started research on the technique 10 years back. The initial stage of research included recognizing genes only in skin cells not the tissue cells, the genes that could be separated and after that placed into tissue cells to change them.

Kurita under took around 2,000 preliminary trials with various blends of genes and in the long run, came across four-gene fusions and started testing on mice wounds. Alongside existing treatment medication, they mended a sore of one centimeter in measurement in about fourteen days.