The Mystery Of The Water Is Soon To Be Resolved

Publish Date : 2018-01-24

Researchers are now one step closer to finding out how water came to the Earth. Now the question is who led the scientists in finding this out? The answer is ‘meteors.’ Some samples of meteorites were found to have Hydrogen and Oxygen quantities. Since we all know that Water is an essential ingredient to life on Earth scientists are keen to know how it arrived on our planet. The inner solar system was a hot and dry place 4.56 billion years ago. So when delicate, low-boiling point elements such as water came about particularly as the hydrogen required to make water molecules would have been boiled away by the high temperatures. While mars and Venus were already formed, the Earth was likely still just 20 per cent of its current size. The amount of water in the solar system was abundant despite of it being hot and dry. A recent Research shows that the angrite parent body’s water matches the Earth’s water composition perfectly. This makes it clear that both the waters came from the same source. So the assumption is very simple that water came to the earth even before it was fully formed. There was water on the Earth even before it cooled so that the water could be stable at the surface. “We’re looking at as many meteorite parent bodies as possible right now to figure out where they were in the early solar system and how much water they had,” said Adam Sarafian, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.