Amazon\'s Newest Patents Are Engrossed On AV, Video, and the Connected Home

Publish Date : 2018-01-15

As reported, Amazon has recently issued some patents for new and interesting technologies. Including Augmented reality mirror and tech that will hack the self-driving cars. If we take a look at Amazon’s patent history it is seen that many of their patents are still pending but at the same time they have the history of over 6,100 patents issued by all over the world. Even before Google and Microsoft entered the space of cloud computing, Amazon was already getting the patents issued for the same. To give their customers a better online shopping experience they have come up with the idea of “Augmented Reality Mirrors”. It will allow customers to try on their favorite clothes and other accessories virtually. Isn’t it a good news for all the shopaholics out there?!! By introducing this technology they are sure to dig deeper in the world of fashion. This will be done by using a system of cameras, mirrors, projectors and lights. Though Amazon has filed a patent for technology that will detect hacked self-driving cars, Amazon has never claimed so. Another significant patent issued in last month was about the technology used in amazon’s Echo devices. With this technology users can use video conferencing on their Echo device and can also mute it by blurring or pixelating the video. This shows their concern towards the privacy of their consumers. We can see that Amazon has always been one step ahead in terms of developing and protecting their patented technology. Their patent for one-click shopping which was issued in 1999 well proves the fact. Altogether, it won’t be too much to expect some interesting and user friendly technologies coming up from Amazon.