Allergan’s CEO cushy upon the interrogation of World’s best Pharma market

Publish Date : 2017-08-09

Allergan’s President and CEO Brent Saunders, exuberated confidence as he was asked regarding the best Pharma market in the world. He reciprocated saying that there is no contest whatsoever. However, he mentioned medical aesthetics to be the most popular and beneficial amongst its counterparts. This is evidently marked by the swift growth phase of Allergan’s very own medical aesthetics industry. In an interview with the Mad Money host at CNBC, Saunders divulges details regarding the merging of Allergan with the US drug market giant Pfizer; a clear insight was given onto what could be awaiting for the share holders. And they now know, what could be expected from this world’s largest Pharma merger plan.

Allergan and Pfizer merger plan could show the map route for creating the largest Pharmaceutical Company. There will be more than 100 Mid-Late Developmental stage programs; and this largest Pharma merger plan will apparently be representing Corporate Tax Inversion. The open science system will place and silhouette Allergan’s spot in an excitingly new ecosystem that will pull in more innovative ideasand could serve as a potential revitalization. Saunders says that the merger plan, furnishes assured growth markets when pondered from an Allergan share holder’s stance. He added that his share holders would avail 44 percent share in the Pharma Company.

Saunders feels that medical aesthetics field poses huge advantages in terms of market for it has high quality, cash pay and it is evidently global. Besides that, he firmly believes that this trend could stay fixed with stabilization. He remarks that they are just at the initial stages for growth and hence it is quite easy to maintain sustainability. Commercial chief Bill Meury states that the moderation of growth rate is highly not possible even if the penetration rates had been around 30 to 50 percent. A central balance is achieved between new customers and former aesthetics customers.

Teva bought the generics unit sector of Allergan in 2015; wherein Allergan had been the leader in the market with respect to that sector. However, the growth of this sector in the hands of Teva had fallen steeply; ironically, below the price they had paid to acquire the sector.

Meanwhile, Allergan witnessed tremendous growth in the aesthetics sector. Increase in sales force effort and advertisements have started to accelerate the market growth exponentially. The investments made by Dublin drug maker’s aesthetics sector seems to have turned out positive so far.

He points out on a further note that the fat reduction drug market could take some time for development just as in the case of facial Injectable market that had taken around five to seven years to develop.