Apple and Amazon affecting the Electronic Health Records

Publish Date : 2017-08-03

It is said that Amazon and Apple are taking up methods to dive into depths of healthcare, along with telehealth and electronic health records. The major question that comes up is that do the stalwarts of technology such as Apple and Amazon and their denomination have the ability to create an Electronic health record from concrete and make a mark in the market and make the struggle and investment worthwhile. Apple and Amazon are said to be chief achievers.

Chief of eClinicalWorks Girish Navani believes that competition enhances everyone’s ability and personally loves competition. Navani says that you cannot play Super bowl with one team and the trophy being handed after sixty minutes, as that would have no fun or trill, competition is vital. Two outstanding industry analysts claim that any effort for a compelling piece of healthcare by the two tech giants Apple and Amazon like creating a new electronic health record could prove to be doubtful.

Senior Director of Research Services at HIMSS Analytics, Bryan Fiekers claims that will be an arduous competition if they contend in the larger sections of the market. John Moore, managing partner and founder of Chilmark Research believes that it is dicey to be excited about the potential efforts of Apple and Amazon in this market. It is like the mixed success of IBM, Google and Microsoft. Both the tech giants Amazon and Apple have not yet revealed any plans on creating electronic health records. Any kind of work currently done by the vendors on creating electronic health record software could be formed differently in time compared to the electronic health record companies such as athenahealth, epic, eClinicalWorks, Cerner and Allscripts, which was to be acquired by Apple according to financial analysts.

John Moore contemplates that instead of disturbing the current chain of electronic health records, companies will mostly target the a level above of Electronic health records for enabling better control of consumers on their health data. It is also said by Moore that numerous enterprises have attempted to tackle the enigma of electronic health records section.