Integral Molecular initiates a therapeutic target discovery program in immuno-oncology

Publish Date : 2017-06-20

A key player in membrane protein technologies, Integral Molecular has begun a therapeutic target discovery programme in immuno-oncology by employing its membrane proteome array technology to discover cell-surface proteins which controlling and regulating the capability of the human immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells.

The Membrane Proteome Array, which is a cell-based testing platform, compiled of 5,300 distinctive membrane proteins carried in live human cells. In these, membranesover 95% are known IgV-set proteins and GPCRs. It is best suited for the invention of new therapeutic targets as every membrane protein is showed on the live human cells surface in its functional form, changing binding and signaling tries to discover functional relations.

The CEO of Integral Molecular, Mr. Benjamin Doranz said that, “No other platform has systematically explored the role of GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters in the immuno-oncology space,”Further he said “our capabilities in this area have already resulted in the discovery of new immune protein interactions, and we expect to identify more with our novel approach.”

Integral Molecular is US-based research-driven biotechnology company, currently has therapeutic programs focused on viral pathogens, metabolic diseases, and pain.